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Full Blossom Collection

A set of free standing lace embroidery for corners, and borders.  There is also a companion set of floral and vine, one-color designs.  These two sets combine to compliment each other and your project.

You can purchase them separately or buy the value set and save on both sets.

Lace Embroidery Full Blossom

The Full Blossom free standing lace embroidery is perfect for fine linens, clothing and accessories.  The top middle design is an eyeglass brooch, just glue a pin to the back and pin it to your shirt.

These lace embroideries all fit in a 4 x 4 hoop.  They may be sewn entirely on water soluble stabilizer and later sewn on your project. 

The other option is to sew the designs so that they are partially on the fabric.  The border and corner designs have an run stitch for perfect alignment with the corner of your project like the hankies in the picture.  Click on the picture of the hankies for a close up view of the hankies made with these lace embroidery designs.

Lace Embroidery Single Flower.
Lace Embroidery Eyeglass Brooch.
Small Lace Embroidery Corner.
Lace Embroidery Border.
Large Lace Embroidery Corner.

Lace Embroidery Full Blossom



Full Blossom

This companion set to the lace embroidery must be sewn on fabric. 

These designs fit the 4x4 hoop.  The longest design in purple is a bonus designs for those with large hoops. It is included with all sets. 

Combine these embroidery designs with the lace embroidery for a fabulous project!

Lace Embroidery 03
Lace Embroidery 04
Lace Embroidery 02
Lace Embroidery 01

Full Blossom Example.

Click for Layout Example

Lace Embroidery 06
Lace Embroidery 05

Full Blossom

Lace Embroidery Sample Free Embroidery Design to Sample

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Exclusive artwork by Olga Sheaffer.